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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Historic Environment

5.67     Newark and Sherwood’s outstanding heritage contributes to providing an historic environment with its own distinctive identity. Central to this are the District's historic assets, which includes over 1300 Listed Buildings, 47 designated Conservation Areas, 72 Scheduled Monuments and 4 Registered Parks and Gardens; if they were to be lost, they cannot be replaced. The District Council has a statutory duty to protect such important assets but in order to ensure their continued active use and upkeep, it may be necessary to accommodate historically appropriate, sensitive and sustainable changes. Thus the District Council will seek to ensure that any proposals concerning these heritage assets will secure their continued protection conservation and enhancement, contributing to the wider vitality, viability, regeneration of an area, and reinforcing a strong sense of place.

5.68     A significant part of the Districts built heritage is contained within the designated Conservation Areas, each of which has its own distinctive character, defined by its historic importance, its architectural integrity, the relationships between buildings and spaces between them, townscape quality, historic street patterns and the use of traditional materials. The District Council is undertaking Conservation Area Character Appraisals in order to identify those features that contribute to its character and architectural interest and to provide a basis for the production of an appropriate Management Plan. Developers and others considering making changes in a conservation area should take into account matters considered to be important in the relevant Appraisal and Management Plan to ensure that schemes accord with the aims and objectives of the Core Policy.

5.69     Complementing the District's historic built heritage is a rich and varied historic natural environment, which includes the Registered Parks and Gardens of Thoresby Park, Thurgarton Hundred Workhouse, Rufford Abbey and Newark Castle Gardens and other historic parklands such as the grounds at Kelham Hall. In addition there are also the historic landscapes of the Stoke Field Battlefield, the Sherwood Forest Heritage Area and with its preserved open field system of agriculture, the historic landscape setting around Laxton. It is crucial that these environments are protected by the District Council's considered approach to development management.

5.70     The District Council is committed to addressing those heritage assets at risk in the District, seeking to work closely with asset owners, developers, interested parties and Historic England to take positive action. Heritage assets which are at risk are identified on the Heritage at Risk Register (East Midlands) prepared by Historic England which covers Grade I and Grade II* Listed Buildings (and Churches that are Grade II Listed Buildings still in ecclesiastical use), Conservation Areas, Scheduled Ancient Monuments, and Registered Historic Parks and Gardens. This is complemented by the Nottinghamshire Listed Buildings at Risk Register which covers Grade II Listed Buildings and is prepared by the County Council.  

5.71     Policy DM9 Protecting and Enhancing the Historic Environment detailing the District Council’s approach to the management of development proposals impacting upon the historic environment will be provided for is contained in the Allocations & Development Management DPD.

Core Policy 14

Historic Environment

Newark & Sherwood has a rich and distinctive historic environment and the District Council will work with partners and developers in order to secure:

  • The continued preservation conservation and enhancement of the character, appearance and setting of the District’s heritage assets and historic environment, in line with their identified significance. Such assets and environments comprise Listed Buildings (inclusive of the protected views of and across Southwell’s principal heritage assets), Conservation Areas, Registered Historic Parks and Gardens, including Scheduled Monuments and other archaeological sites, Registered Historic Parks and Gardens, Listed Buildings and buildings of local historic importance, Conservation Areas and other cultural assets of significant value and non-designated heritage assets including buildings of local interest, areas of archeological interest and unregistered parks and gardens or as identified on the relevant Historic Environment Record or identified in accordance with locally agreed criteria;
  •  The preservation and enhancement of the special character of Conservation Areas - including such that character identified in through Conservation Area Character Appraisals which will form the basis for their management. Important open spaces and features identified through the Conservation Area Appraisal process will be protected through subsequent allocation in the Allocations & Development Management DPD; and
  • Positive action for those heritage assets at risk through neglect, decay, vacancy or other threats where appropriate; and
  • The protection of Historic Landscapes including the Historic Battlefield at Stoke Field, the Sherwood Forest Heritage Area and the Historic Landscape around Laxton. A sustainable future for Laxton will be sought, which preserves and enhances its Open Field System and culture, the built and natural environment which sustain it, including the Historic Landscape around Laxton, and the institutions which manage it. This will be achieved by working in partnership with the Court Leet, the Crown Estates and the Parish Council. Appropriate new development which facilitates these aims will be supported.