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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

How to use the Amended Core Strategy

1.7       The Amended Core Strategy is divided into six chapters. The first two help set the context, introducing the Core Strategy, the wider planning context and outlining the unique ‘Spatial Portrait’ of the District. It refers to the shift from a narrow and regulatory land use planning regime to a wider and more inclusive spatial planning system embodied by national level policy, the Regional Spatial Strategy and the Local Development Framework. You will read the word spatial a lot in this document – spatial planning is concerned with places, how they function and relate together, with the objective of securing the best achievable quality of life for all in the community without wasting resources or adversely affecting the environment. Policy will be developed that can impact on land use, for example, by influencing the demands on, or needs for, development, but which is not  capable of being delivered solely or mainly through the granting or refusal of planning permission, and which may be implemented by other means. We can appreciate that some of the terms and concepts may be new to the general reader, so please see Appendix A for a glossary of terms. After the first two chapters, Chapter 3 sets out the Vision and Objectives which we will use to plan our District.

1.8      Chapter 4 Spatial Policies sets out the Spatial Strategy for Newark & Sherwood setting out the location and amount of new development. It also contains the Policies that set the agenda for managing the implementation of growth.

1.9     Chapter 5 Core Policies sets out the policies which help to tackle a range of District Wide issues relating to:

  • Homes for All
  • Economic Growth
  • Sustainable Development and Climate Change
  • Natural and Built Environment

1.10   Chapter 6 Area Policies sets out the range of policies which relate to an area of the District or a particular Settlement within it. 

1.11  Policies are shown in boxes:

Number of Policy

Title of Policy

Policy Text

1.12     By its very nature, many if not most of the ingredients of this Core Strategy are inter-related. The Strategy needs to be considered, and delivered, as a package. Individual elements need to be seen as components of an overall approach to the future planning of Newark & Sherwood. Not only should the Core Strategy be read as a whole but it is only part of the Development Plan of the area, this also includes the Regional Plan, but more importantly other elements of the Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework which also includes the Allocations & Development Management DPD and the Minerals and Waste Local Plans prepared by Nottinghamshire County Council. Currently this includes a number of Saved Policies of the Newark and Sherwood Local Plan (Adopted 1999). This Amended Core Strategy replaces some of these Policies from the previous 2011 Core Strategy and a list of the replaced Core Strategy and partly replaced Policies is included in Appendix E of the Core Strategy. The remaining elements of the Local Plan will be replaced by the Allocations & Development Management Development Plan Document (DPD). 

1.13    Review and monitoring are key aspects of the Government’s “plan, monitor and manage” approach to the planning system. They are crucial to the successful delivery of the spatial vision and spatial objectives set out in the Core Strategy. Monitoring will indicate what impact the policies are having in respect of national, regional and local policy targets and other specific targets set out in the LDF. A list of indicators for Monitoring the Core Strategy is provided at Appendix F.