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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Key Issues and Challenges facing Newark and Sherwood

2.12     The planning policy context, the evidence base underpinning the preparation of this document and the Spatial Portrait outlined above make it clear that Newark and Sherwood District currently faces a number of key issues and challenges. These will need to be addressed by the Local Development Framework and will drive change in the District. Many of these issues and challenges are detailed in the Newark and Sherwood Sustainable Community Strategy and l Listed below is a summary of these key issues and challenges which the Core Strategy and Development Policies document should respond to:

Key Issues and Challenges

  • Delivering and managing the District's growth in line with the principles of sustainable development, including how the District’s housing requirement to 2026 2033 will be distributed between our towns, villages and rural areas.
  •  Maintaining local services and facilities and ensuring that local people have accessibility to them, including the promotion of sustainable transport choices.
  •  Providing additional housing, including the delivery of affordable homes.
  •  Providing additional employment opportunities that meet local needs, concerns and aspirations, and a diverse local economy which should include growth in particular priority sectors.
  •  Bringing necessary regeneration benefits to the District, including those that will contribute to the success of its town and service centre settlements and other areas in need.
  • Ensuring that the District can prepare for and respond to climate change.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the District’s attractive and distinctive environment in urban and rural areas whilst accommodating change.
  • Promoting the development of tourism without compromising the District's capacity to maintain and enhance its continuing tourism offer and potential.
  • Securing a future for the Sherwood Forest area that can sustainably accommodate its tourism related development pressures without adversely affecting the environment or local communities.
  • Identifying and securing those infrastructure improvements that need to accompany the significant growth envisaged for the District.
  • Enabling change to contribute towards a higher quality of life for all residents.