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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Chapter 3 Vision and Objectives

3.1       A vision and set of strategic objectives for Newark and Sherwood District is proposed to guide development to 2026 2033.

Newark and Sherwood's Vision

By 2026 2033, Newark and Sherwood will become:

“An area providing a high quality of life, made up of thriving sustainable urban and rural communities where people want to and can, live and work. These sustainable, balanced communities will feature good quality housing with a mix of different sizes, types and tenures which will address local needs.

The District will have a successful, diverse economy by providing employment opportunities to a local workforce, equipped with a wide range of skills arising from improved education, learning and training and encouraging tourism potential.

The District will be made up of a hierarchy of attractive and vibrant towns, and larger villages that provide a range of accessible facilities and activities for smaller villages and the surrounding rural areas that is effective and sustainable.

Newark's role as the Sub-Regional Centre will be strengthened through housing and employment growth in sustainable urban extensions, the regeneration of existing neighbourhoods, new economic and infrastructure investment, and the shortage of affordable housing will have been addressed. This will be achieved as part of the delivery of the New Growth Point Programme.

Access will be improved, key transport improvements will have been secured and non car use encouraged.

The architectural and historic built environment and the District’s archaeology will be protected and enhanced. New buildings and spaces will be well designed, with a strong sense of place that builds on local character.

Development will be environmentally sound, energy and water efficient, minimise waste, and maximise opportunities for appropriate renewable energy, helping to reduce the impact of climate change.

The natural environment will be safeguarded and enhanced, green infrastructure will be strengthened, new green and woodland spaces will increase ecology, biodiversity and nature conservation, providing a resource for local people and encouraging personal well being and health.

The District will have strong local distinctiveness as Newark and Sherwood’s unique diverse character, culture and heritage will have been respected and promoted in the course of change that has been guided by the principles of sustainable development.”

3.2       The proposed Strategic Objectives are set out below:

Newark and Sherwood's Strategic Objectives

  1. To protect and enhance the built and natural environment, heritage, biodiversity and landscape, giving additional protection to those areas and buildings of recognised importance.
  2. To establish an appropriate spatial strategy that will guide the scale, location and form of new development across the District, providing a long term basis for the planning of Newark and Sherwood.
  3. To manage growth and change to ensure that sustainable development is achieved and promoted and the quality of life for all improved.
  4. To ensure and sustain a network of sustainable communities which offer a sense of place, that are safe, balanced, socially inclusive and can respond to the needs of local people.
  5. To develop a strong, sustainable economy that will provide a diverse range of employment opportunities for local people by:
  • providing a range of well located sites and premises for employment development, including provision for small and medium sized firms;
  • supporting the retention of existing jobs and the development of local businesses; promoting additional growth and diversification of the District’s economy, linked to a desire to raise local aspirations and an ambition to secure new service-sector and higher skill level jobs and “knowledge-rich” business, that will increase the scope for good jobs and incomes available;
  • actively attracting regional, national and international companies to the District; developing an improved education base with enhanced learning and training opportunities for local people, that will enable the attainment of higher educational standards/qualifications and skill levels; and
  • stimulating tourism.

    6.  To manage the release of land for new housing, employment and other necessary development to meet the Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) needs of the District to 2026 2033, in general conformity with the East Midlands Regional Plan, implementing the New Growth Point Programme and integrated with the provision of new supporting infrastructure

    7.    To reinforce and promote Newark’s role as an important Sub-Regional Centre, by ensuring that the town is the main focus for new housing, employment, and other appropriate development within the District. Such development will be co-ordinated to ensure sustainable development.

    8.    To support the development of balanced communities by ensuring that new, well-designed residential development helps to satisfy the housing needs of the District, providing a mix of types, sizes and tenures, including:

  • affordable and social housing;
  • local needs housing; and
  • special needs housing.
  1. To retain and improve accessibility for all, to employment, services, community, leisure and cultural activities, through:
  • the integration of development and transport provision, ensuring that most new development will be located where it is accessible to use services and facilities by a range of means of transport;
  • the retention and upgrading of existing infrastructure, services and facilities relating to transport and communications; and
  • encouraging the increased use of public transport, walking and cycling.
  1. To secure high quality design in new buildings and development form that will provide a built and natural environment reflecting local distinctiveness and securing community safety.
  2. To produce a District that is sensitive to the environment where opportunities are taken to reduce our impact on the climate system, including the reduction of CO² emissions and encouraging the use of appropriate renewable energy solutions, and to adapt to the implications of climate change.
  3. To maintain and enhance the vitality and viability of the District's town centres.
  4. To support the education sector and opportunities for training, including higher and further educational organisations, to encourage the attainment of higher educational and skill levels.
  5. To engage in collaborative working with partner organisations and agencies to secure a better quality of life.

3.3       The District is also very diverse; within it are a number of areas which have their own distinct spatial characteristics. To aid the achievement of the Vision and the Strategic Objectives, the Council has formulated a number of Area Objectives. These are:

Area Objectives

Newark Area

NA O1 - To manage growth in and around Newark Urban Area (Newark, Balderton and Fernwood) and ensure that housing and employment growth are developed alongside appropriate infrastructure and facilities.

NA O2 - To promote, protect and enhance the character and qualities of Newark Town Centre as a place for retail, business, administration, entertainment and tourism.

NA O3 - To promote local services in remote rural areas and secure public transport linkages to Newark Urban Area, Collingham and Sutton-on-Trent.

Southwell Area

SoA O1 - To protect the unique historic character of Southwell whilst promoting the town’s role as a Service Centre for the wider area and as a centre for tourism.

SoA O2 - To support the sustainable development of the Nottingham Trent University Brackenhurst Campus, both as a place of learning and as a potential driver for economic growth in the District.

Nottingham Fringe Area

NFA O1 - To protect the Green Belt from inappropriate development, facilitating development to meet local needs without promoting levels of development which would result in an increase in commuting to the Nottingham Principal Urban Area.

Sherwood Area

ShA O1 - To encourage the regeneration and redevelopment of the former mining communities of the area by fully exploiting the opportunities presented by Sherwood Forest Regional Park, the Sherwood Growth Zone and the skills and knowledge of the residents of the area. Regeneration of the area will be supported and enhanced by the strategic allocation of the former Thoresby Colliery.

ShA O2 - To strengthen the role of Ollerton Town Centre as a retail and employment centre for both Ollerton & Boughton and the wider Sherwood Area.

ShA O3 - To protect and enhance the Birklands & Bilhaugh Special Area of Conservation and ensure that the Regional Park initiative is consistent with this.

ShA 04 - To promote and manage increased tourism in a way that safeguards the sensitive environmental and ecological areas and allows enjoyment of the District’s celebrated historic built and natural environments.

Mansfield Fringe Area

MFA O1 - To encourage the regeneration and redevelopment of the former mining communities of the area by fully exploiting the opportunities presented by Sherwood Forest Regional Park, the Sherwood Growth Zone and the skills and knowledge of the residents of the area.

MFA O2 - To encourage sustainable housing and economic growth in the settlements on the Mansfield Fringe to complement Mansfield’s role as a Sub-Regional Centre, support the Sherwood Growth Zone and to increase the self-sufficiency of the Mansfield Fringe Settlements.