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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Chapter 4 Spatial Policies

4.1       The Spatial Policies of the Core Strategy are central to delivering the Vision and Objectives set out in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 is split into two sections, the Spatial Strategy and the Agenda for Managing Growth in Newark and Sherwood.

4.2       The Spatial Strategy sets the framework for growth and development in the District, setting out our hierarchy for service provision and investment, and the spatial distribution of housing and employment growth. The Settlement Hierarchy sets out those settlements which to a greater or lesser extent should be the focus for growth and investment. The Spatial Distribution of growth quantifies this approach in those settlements which are central to the delivery of the strategy. Beyond this, policies are set which aim to manage development in the rural areas of the district and in the Nottingham – Derby Greenbelt. The policies of the Spatial Strategy are illustrated on the Newark & Sherwood Key Diagram which is on the inside front cover of the Core Strategy. The Agenda for Managing Growth sets out policies for 'Strategic Sites' to accommodate growth, delivering the strategy and aims to provide a flexible framework for delivering sustainable growth the infrastructure to deliver growth and the considerations which need to be taken into account when allocating sites in later DPDs.