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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Newark & Sherwood’s Spatial Strategy

4.3       The District Council has used the Vision and Objectives of the Core Strategy to develop a spatial strategy which meets local needs and is framed within regional and national planning policy. The Vision seeks to secure an area providing a high quality of life, made up of thriving sustainable urban and rural communities where people want to and can, live and work. These sustainable, balanced communities will feature good quality housing with a mix of different sizes, types and tenures which will address local needs. The strategic objectives require the plan to manage the release of land for new housing, employment and other necessary development to meet the needs of the District to 2033 2026 and develop a strong, sustainable economy that will provide a diverse range of employment opportunities for local people.

4.4       The East Midlands Regional Plan seeks to distribute development to the main urban areas in the Region (Policy 3 Distribution of Development), which includes Principal Urban Areas, such as Nottingham and Lincoln as the main focus for growth and Sub–Regional Centres such as Newark to be a secondary focus for growth in the Region and a primary focus for growth in the Sub-Region. The District Council's vision identifies this role for Newark by seeking to reinforce and promote Newark’s role as an important Sub-Regional Centre, by ensuring that the town is the main focus for new housing, employment, and other appropriate development within the District. Such development will be coordinated to ensure sustainable development. Beyond that, the development needs of other settlements and rural areas should also be provided for. The Regional Plan states that “New development in these areas should contribute to:

  • maintaining the distinctive character and vitality of rural communities;
  • shortening journeys and facilitating access to jobs and services;
  • strengthening rural enterprise and linkages between settlements and their hinterlands; and
  • respecting the quality of tranquillity, where that is recognised in planning documents”

4.X       The Regional Plan places Newark & Sherwood District in the Northern Sub-Area of the Region, where economic, social and environmental regeneration will be a Regional priority. Key aims of the Regional Plan's Northern Sub-Regional Strategy include significantly strengthening the Sub-Regional Centres including Newark and Mansfield, by providing new development in and around their urban areas, providing jobs and services in and around other settlements that are accessible to a wider area or service particular concentrations of need, and to support the regeneration of settlements, through development. Local Planning Authorities should assist growth and regeneration, in several locations, across the Sub-Area, including along the Mansfield Ashfield Regeneration Route (MARR).

4.X       Within the Sub-Regional Strategy (Northern SRS – Policy 1 Sub-Regional Development Priorities) a number of ‘other urban areas’ have been identified as priorities for development; in Newark and Sherwood these include Rainworth and Ollerton & Boughton. Beyond this the policy notes that “Outside the areas mentioned above, sufficient provision will be made to support the regeneration of settlements with special needs where these are identified in Local Development Frameworks. Within other settlements, new development will be restricted to small-scale development targeted to meet local needs. Development should be of a scale and type necessary to secure and service a mixed and balanced community.”

4.5       The themes which emerge from our Core Strategy Vision and Objectives and the locational policies of the Regional Plan are:

  •  Development should be located in the most sustainable locations
  • That such development should support the role of settlements
  • Regeneration of settlements should be supported
  • Rural communities should be supported
  • Development should seek to secure a mixed and balanced community