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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Selecting Appropriate Sites for Allocation

4.58     The Strategic Sites identified in Spatial Policy 5 will contribute significantly to the housing and employment requirements of Newark and Sherwood. However as part of the Allocations & Development Management DPD, From time to time the Local Development Framework Council will need to allocate other additional sites to meet development needs within the District. Spatial Policy 9 sets out the guiding principles which will be used to make such allocations.

Spatial Policy 9

Selecting Appropriate Sites for Allocation

Sites allocated for housing, employment and community facilities as part of the Allocations & Development Management DPD development plan will:

  1. Be in, or adjacent to, the existing settlement;
  2. Be accessible and well related to existing facilities;
  3. Be accessible by public transport, or demonstrate that the provision of such services could be viably provided;
  4. Be the most sustainable in terms of impact on existing infrastructure, or demonstrate that infrastructure can be provided to address sustainability issues;
  5. Not impact adversely on the special character of the area, including not impacting on important open spaces and views, all designated heritage assets including listed buildings or locally important buildings, especially those identified in Conservation Area Character Appraisals Appropriately address the historic environment, heritage assets and their setting in line with national policy and guidance and the findings of any Historic Impact Assessment for the site;
  6. Appropriately address the findings of the Landscape Character Assessment and the conservation and enhancement actions of the particular landscape policy zone/zones affected;
  7. Not impact on sites that are designated nationally or locally for their biodiversity and give preference to sites of lesser environmental value, avoid impact on biodiversity and provide net gains in biodiversity wherever possible Not lead to the loss, or adverse impact on, important nature conservation or biodiversity sites;
  8. Not lead to the loss of locally important open space or, in the case of housing and employment, other locally important community facilities (unless adequately replaced); and
  9. Be assessed by reference to a sequential risk based approach in order to be located in areas at the lowest risk of flooding and not increase flood risk on neighbouring sites. Not be located in areas of flood risk or contribute to flood risk on neighbouring sites.