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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Role of the Newark Urban Area

6.3       The Regional Plan identifies Newark as a Sub-Regional Centre and reaffirms its status as a Growth Point. The Spatial Strategy identifies LDF proposes that the Newark Urban Area will have significant levels of growth with 70% 60% of the overall District housing growth and the majority of the Newark Area's employment land requirement, between 80 to 87 around 52 hectares, to be provided during the plan period.

6.4       Growth will strengthen Newark’s role as a Sub-Regional Centre and build a critical mass that enables the area to support and provide a range of retail, commercial, employment, leisure and other services to people living in the town and the surrounding villages and facilitates the cost-effective provision of infrastructure. A strong and vibrant town centre will support the conservation of Newark’s architectural and historic core, reinforces local identity and pride, creates a unique sense of place and supports the local tourism industry.

6.5       The hierarchy of towns and villages in the District with Newark at its centre creates a sustainable model for development with employment, housing and other facilities accessible to local people, reducing the need for out commuting and trips to Lincoln and Nottingham.

6.6       Growth in Newark exploits its excellent regional and national communication links and its location at the junction of the A1, A46 and A17, the direct route to Kings Cross via the East Coast Main Line and the Nottingham to Lincoln cross country railway line. People in Newark have good, easy access to other towns in the region, and further afield by rail and road.

6.7       A substantial proportion of the growth will be accommodated within the 3 strategic sites; details of these sites are set out in Policies NAP 2A/B/C. Whilst these sites require significant lead in times before development on-site commences work is now underway on NAP2A and will be coming forward in the near future on NAP 2B and C.