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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy


6.10     Newark is the main focus of employment provision for the Newark Urban Area and the wider District. Employment provision needs to grow in tandem with the expansion of the town and to reduce out commuting of local residents to jobs elsewhere. In terms of the 80-87 52 hectares guideline requirement for new allocations of employment land in the Newark Area, most will be provided in and around the Newark Urban Area. In terms of the plan period up to 2033 2026, two of the Strategic Sites include allocations of 53 65 hectares of land for new employment development, with Land South of Newark allocating 38 50 hectares of B2/B8 employment land, and Land around Fernwood allocating 15 hectares of B1 employment land. Beyond the confines of those strategic sites, this provision will be complemented with additional new allocations of land for employment growth up to 2026 2033.

6.11     The Retail and Town Centre Study indicated that tThere is limited office floorspace in Newark Town Centre, that it which is often small and constrained by the historical nature of the buildings. Newark Business Innovation Centre on Beacon Hill Road provides dedicated office and workshop space for new small businesses along with other small scale offices on the periphery of the town centre, but there is limited scope for large scale modern offices in a Business Park setting. PPS4 The NPPF has a general approach which seeks to identify sites for main town centre uses, including offices, through a sequential approach, giving first consideration to existing town centres. While this approach will be followed, the scope for new office development arising from the B1 employment land at Land around Fernwood strategic site, represents an opportunity to meet the demand for a type of contemporary Business Park office accommodation that cannot be accommodated within or on the edge of Newark town centre. The Land around Fernwood site is alongside the A1 corridor and close to the eastern end of the Southern Link Road, as well as the other two identified strategic sites. It is recognised that other none B1 employment uses may also be attracted to this location and therefore consideration of these other uses is also included within NAP 2C. As a sustainable urban extension to the existing community at Fernwood, further development here should help to bring forward public transport improvements and connectivity.

6.12     To grow its economic base, Newark needs to provide a range of employment sites for existing businesses wishing to expand, to attract new employers to the area and create jobs. To achieve this objective the Council will seek the development of employment schemes in suitable locations.

6.13        To help shape and develop the town’s workforce with the right skills base for the local economy, the District Council is working in partnership with several organisations with a Newark focus including Newark Jobcentre, Connexions, Jobmaets (Jobs Multi-Agency Employment Teams) Newark, Newark Business Club, as well as local education providers and voluntary organisations.