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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Infrastructure - Transport

6.14     Growth in the Newark Urban Area will generate more traffic in the locality and therefore measures to address this situation are required.

6.15     The strategy for transport is to seek improvements to both the highway infrastructure and public transport provision including the cycling and walking network. This is based on schemes which have been identified in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan and which are set out in Appendix D. Key to this will be the delivery of the Southern Link Road (SLR) which will provide a link between the A46 at Farndon and the A1 at Balderton. This will help reduce congestion within Newark Town Centre and also provide access to the strategic site at Land south of Newark including new employment opportunities.  The process for delivering the SLR is set out in NAP 4.

6.16     Other strategic highway infrastructure which will be funded through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and other sources of funding as set out at paragraphs 4.40-4.41, is required in the following locations:

  • A46 Link Capacity, Newark-on-Trent Bypass;
  • A46/A617 Cattle Market Roundabout;
  • A46 Roundabout at Farndon;
  • A1/B6326 London Road Roundabout, Balderton;
  • A1/A17/A46 Roundabout; and
  • A1/A46 Brownhills Roundabout;
  • A1 Overbridge, Fernwood; and
  • A617 Kelham Bypass.

6.17     Local highway infrastructure In the form of jJunction improvements at the following locations: , and which will be funded by developer contributions will be required at:

  • London Road/Main Street
  • London Road/Bowbridge Road
  • London Road/Portland Street;
  • Barnby Gate/Sherwood Avenue;
  • Barnby Gate/Coddington Road
  • Lincoln Road/Brunel Drive;
  • Lincoln Road/Northern Road ;
  • Northern Road/Brunell Drive;
  • Castle Gate/Lombard Street
  • Castle Gate/Stodman Street
  • Bowbridge Road/Boundary Road
  • Bowbridge Road/Hawton Lane
  • Beacon Hill Road/Northern Road;
  • Sleaford Road/Friary Road; and
  • Queens Road/Northgate /Kings Road

6.17     The IDP also identifies a number of improvements to public transport including pedestrian routes, bus network/infrastructure improvements, Park and Ride and Smarter Choices e.g. Travel Plans.

6.18     To deliver the strategy the Council will require developers, in conjunction with Nottinghamshire County Council, the Highways England Agency and transport providers, to maintain and enhance the transport system within the Newark Urban Area, and ensure that transport measures identified in the IDP are delivered. As set out in Spatial Policy 7 new transport infrastructure will be provided through developer contributions the CIL to a Strategic Infrastructure Tariff and/or Planning Obligations.