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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Historic Environment

6.20     Newark is one of England's finest market towns, and was identified by the Council for British Archaeology in 1964 as one of only 51 towns of national importance. Today, Newark is still a remarkable town historically and architecturally, with a range of historical assets reflecting the Medieval, Civil War, Georgian and Victorian periods. These include Newark Castle, the Queens Sconce and Newark Town Hall. Not only do these structures on their own deserve recognition but when taken with the wider built environment, the River Trent and the landscape setting represent Newark's key assets.

6.21     The LDF’s strategy is to preserve and enhance the historic character and appearance of the Newark Urban Area. The Council is currently undertaking a Character Appraisal of the town's Conservation Area and these will be used to identify features that contribute to the character and architectural interest and identify areas for improvement. The Assessment will set out a management plan for the Conservation Area and its provisions will help guide the future planning of the town as set out in Core Policy 14 whilst policies detailing the approach to the management of development impacting on the historic environment will be provided for in the Allocations & Development Management DPD.