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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Identifying Locations for Strategic Sites

6.33     Newark’s location on the River Trent, the proximity of the junction of 3 trunk roads and 2 railway lines, limits where growth can take place. The A46, the River Trent and its floodplains form the boundary to the west and north, preventing development in these directions. The A1 runs north south along the eastern edge of Newark and Balderton and forms a barrier to development as far as Fernwood. This means that Newark can only grow on sites within the area bounded by the River Trent and the A1, or to the south. 

6.34     In producing the 2011 Core Strategy these geographic restrictions and the findings of the Council’s  The Council has reviewed the Key Decisions for the Core Strategy which identified 3 sites where growth could be accommodated, and produced the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). The SHLAA identified a number of smaller sites within the existing built up area of Newark and Balderton which could be developed within the plan period. These will be considered as part of the Allocations & Development Management DPD. led to the conclusion that the level of growth required is was such that there is was insufficient land within the built-up area of the Newark Urban Area and strategic sites would need to be allocated for the development of Sustainable Urban Extensions. This approach to the identification of strategic sites was developed using the sequential approach set out in PPS25 Flood Risk and informed by the production of a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment. Site Specific Flood Risk Assessments will be required on the strategic sites. This is still the case.

6.35     The extent of the 3 Strategic Sites, is shown on the Proposals Policies Map and is identified at Figures 5-7. The 3 Strategic Sites are:

  • Land South of Newark -The site lies to the south of existing residential areas of Hawtonville, an area of relative deprivation with higher unemployment, low skills and educational attainment, and lower access to recreational, sporting facilities and other services. Development will provide opportunities to improve access to new primary schools, local retail, commercial, community uses and other services in local centres, additional recreational facilities and large areas of open space. Employment opportunities will be provided in the local centres and an industrial area focused on the former gypsum workings to the south east of the site.
  • Land East of Newark -The site, which lies to the south of existing residential developments off Beacon Hill Road, is in the Newark Urban Area and is within 10 minutes walk of the town centre. The development will create a sustainable urban extension to the east of Newark with a new primary school, local retail facilities and enhanced access to open space and recreation. The proximity of the site to the town gives access to employment opportunities there and on the Northern Road Industrial Estate.
  • Land around Fernwood -The site is centred on an the existing village of Fernwood a development of 1150 dwellings that is under construction on the former Balderton Hospital site. The first phase will consolidate the existing development, later phases will extend it to the south. The existing B1 employment allocation will be retained and extended for a modern, high quality landscaped Business Park adjacent to the A1 and the Southern Link Road.


6.36     Each of the 3 strategic sites has been considered in terms of sustainability, environmental impact, flood risk, infrastructure requirement, scale and nature of uses, development capacity, phasing, access and key development principles. Development of all 3 sites will take place concurrently, and be phased over, and where appropriate, beyond the plan period, with development starting in the first 5 years of the plan. This will give flexibility to accommodate development on a site not proceeding at the rate envisaged, and provide people wanting a new house a choice of location.