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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Delivery of Strategic Sites

6.37     Applications for development of the 3 strategic sites will be considered against policies NAP 2A (Land South of Newark), NAP 2B (Land East of Newark) and NAP 2C (Land around Fernwood).

6.38     Each development will take place in tandem with the provision of infrastructure and will be phased to create a critical mass on each site that will support facilities for local residents at the earliest opportunity. Infrastructure required to develop the strategic sites has been assessed and is identified in an appendix in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan relating specifically to Strategic Sites.

6.39     Development of the 3 strategic sites will involve the loss of greenfield land and new development will be carefully planned with measures to minimise any adverse impact on local habitats.

6.40     Development of the 3 sites will be monitored closely and progress reviewed with developers throughout the plan period to ensure sustainable neighbourhoods are created and to maintain a supply of housing in line with the NPPF the LDF and RSS.