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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Development Requirements and Phasing

6.52     The development will be delivered into 2 phases to link with the existing roads serving the Beacon Hill residential development. The local centre, which will include a new primary school, local retailing and services including facilities for 2 GPs (on site if required, otherwise through off site contribution to support expansion of existing healthcare facilities), is positioned between phases 1 and 2 to facilitate easy access from both phases and create sustainable neighbourhoods.

6.53     There will be no access to or from the site from Barnby Road to avoid any increased use of the 2 level crossings over the East Coast Mainline. Land south of Barnby Road has been excluded from the Strategic Site because it is not required to provide green infrastructure in relation to the scale of built development envisaged in this location within the plan period.

6.x       The SLR will need to be constructed at an early stage of the development of the 3 Strategic Sites including Land East of Newark, the timing of which will be dependent on the detailed Transport Assessments of each of the sites and the improvements developers of this site are required to make to minimise congestion.

6.54     The SLR and other iImprovements to the highway network will be funded by a mixture of CIL, developer contribution, Growth Point capital and other public sector funding.

6.55     Open space requirements for the site will be provided in line with the existing Developer Contributions & Planning Obligations SPD and in due course, by the Allocations & Development Management DPD.

6.56     The Council is in discussion with developers for this site, who are working up detailed plans for its development with a view of submitting a planning application and masterplan for the site in 2017 2010. As part of this developers will prepare a detailed appraisal of the site.

6.57     Development of this site will be carried out in two phases and the necessary infrastructure as set out in the IDP, will be provided in tandem with development in line with Spatial Policy 6. Development can start in 2012/13, with an estimated 50 dwellings in 2012/13, increasing to 150 dwellings per annum from 2013/14-2022/23 with the final 50 dwellings in 2023/24. Build rates will be monitored closely, reviewed, and phases adjusted to ensure the figures are achieved. It is anticipated that all 1000 dwellings will be delivered within the plan period.

6.x       The purpose of the phasing proposals is to ensure that the development of the Strategic Sites does not proceed in a manner that would have undue adverse impact on the amenities of existing residents. It is considered that controlled phasing, preventing a proliferation of construction sites at any one time, will minimise both the adverse visual impact in prominent open areas and also the impact in terms of noise and disturbance to local people. Phasing proposals will be assessed as part of the consideration of individual planning applications and controlled by planning obligations.

6.58     In addition, c Construction traffic generated by each phase of development and access to construction sites will be organised to ensure that any adverse impact on existing residents is minimised. It is envisaged that access to the highway network by construction vehicles in existing residential areas will be restricted and the use of temporary haul roads will be required where appropriate.