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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Policy NAP 2C Land around Fernwood

Figure 7 - Land around Fernwood

NAP 2C Land around Fernwood

This area, as shown on the Proposals Map, is identified as a strategic site for housing (in the region of 3,200 dwellings, 2,200 of which to be constructed in the plan period to 2026); employment development (15 hectares)  including provision of a high quality, landscaped B1 Business Park for individual regional and national HQ and high tech businesses (15 hectares); a local centre, comprising retail, service, employment and community uses; and associated green, transport and other infrastructure. The distribution of proposed uses is indicatively illustrated on Figure 7 - Land around Fernwood.

Development will be subject to the following requirements:

A          Housing

  1. Development to be undertaken in 3 phases to be accompanied by appropriate provision of of between 750 and 1000 dwellings, with each phase being substantially completed and key infrastructure and facilities in place before the commencement of the next phase of house building starts, and in accordance with the timing of the Southern Link Road and other highway improvements, which will be influenced by the detailed Transport Assessment for the site;
  2. Seeking to achieveA average density levels of 30-50 dwellings per hectare in line with PPS 3, with higher levels in areas of greatest accessibility in and adjacent to the local centre;
  3. Affordable housing will be provided in line with Core Policy 1;
  4. Incorporation of sustainable development principles and sustainable construction methods in line with the Homes and Communities Agency’s recommended level in the Code for Sustainable Homes and in line with the provisions of Core Policy 9;

B          Employment

  1. Development will take place to the south of the existing B1 permission as shown on Figure 7 - Land around Fernwood and Employment (Business) uses will be preferred on the site including the development of an element of the site for a high quality, landscaped B1 Business Park for individual regional and national HQ and high tech businesses; however non B use employment opportunities will be considered where they comply with Core Policy 6 and the other policies of the development plan and do not end up forming the majority of uses on the employment area.

C          Local Centre

  1. Provision of the new local centre, including provision of a new primary school and facilities for 3 GPs (if required on site), as shown on Figure 7 - Land around Fernwood shall be constructed as an integral part of residential development to ensure the creation of sustainable neighbourhoods at the earliest opportunity;

D          General

  1. Submission as part of planning applications by the developers of comprehensive development details, explanation and assessments, including:
    1. Masterplan for the whole site to facilitate a comprehensive scheme, its integration with existing developments to the north and its relationship with surrounding countryside;
    2. Transport Assessment;
    3. Environmental Impact Assessment;
    4. Green Infrastructure Framework to illustrate how the development will maximise opportunities to enhance the environment;
    5. Retail Impact Assessment, to consider the implications of the local centres on existing retail provision in Newark;
    6. Flood Risk Assessment;
  2. Provision of transportation measures which:
    1. maximise opportunities for sustainable travel and increasing non car use;
    2. achieve suitable access to local facilities;
    3. minimise the impact of the development on the existing transport network;

These will include:

    1. high quality passenger transport links to Newark and Balderton town centre;
    2. safe, convenient pedestrian and cycle routes within and adjoining the development;
  1. Provision of Green Infrastructure in accordance with an agreed Green Infrastructure Framework in line with Spatial Policy 8,
    1. including:landscaping and structural planting throughout the development;
    2. buffer zones to the A1, the East Coast Mainline and site boundaries with the surrounding countryside;
    3. safeguarding and enhancement of the protected habitat of Shire Dyke which is designated as a LWSSINC;
    4. creation of quality open spaces, sports and playing fields;
    5. improvements to existing spaces;
    6. links to the countryside beyond the site;
    7. enhancements to existing habitats and the local landscape;
    8. measures to mitigate any detrimental impact on environmental and built heritage features on and adjacent to the site in line with Core Policy
  2. Safeguarding of the lines of the oil and gas pipelines and electricity pylons, and of the Hazardous Installation Protection Zone around Balderfield Depot, whilst current operations remain;
  3. Consideration of theP provision of on-site renewable energy schemes to help meet the energy requirements of the development;
  4. Provision of flood mitigation:
    1. residential development will not normally be permitted within the Environment Agency’s Flood Zone 3;
    2. development in Flood Zone 2 may be accepted where it incorporates appropriate flood mitigation measures in accordance with national guidance in PPS25, including re-profiling land;
    3.  where appropriate incorporation of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  5. Investigation and mitigation by the developer of any contamination within the site through agreed remediation techniques;
  6. Provision of necessary infrastructure in relation to the progression of the development in accordance with the IDP, for:
    1. provision of new and improved highway infrastructure;
    2. contributions to a new secondary school in the Newark Urban Area new and improved social infrastructure;
    3. new and improved utilities infrastructure in conjunction with the Statutory Utilities and their roles and responsibilities including BT Open Reach (and any successor organisation) in meeting their Fibre To The Premises commitment;.  

  7. Provision of contributions for local infrastructure, including facilities and services that are essential for development to take place or which are needed to mitigate the impact of development at the site or neighbourhood level will be secured through Planning Obligations utilising athe Developer Contributions & Planning Obligations SPD in line with Spatial Policy 6.

6.59     Development of land around Fernwood will be within the area bounded by the A1 to the south and west, the East Coast Mainline to the north east and the Shire Dyke to the east and west, which is also the boundary of the District’s Council administration as shown on the Proposals Map. The development will, with the existing development, create a sustainable urban extension to the Sub-Regional Centre of Newark with residential and employment uses and a new local centre providing a new primary school.