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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Newark Southern Link Road

6.69     The provision of the new homes and new employment development within the Newark Urban Area over the plan period combined with the dualling of the A46 between Widmerpool and the Farndon roundabout to the south of Newark Urban Area is likely to create traffic congestion at a number of key links and junctions. This will lead to the displacement of vehicles to other more minor roads that are not designed to take higher levels of traffic or cater for through traffic.

6.70     The Newark Transport Study and associated traffic modelling indicates indicated that the combination of the above factors will require the construction of a new single carriageway link road to the south of Newark between the A46 at Farndon and the A1 at Balderton. In addition, further works will are also be required at key roundabouts and junctions to relieve congestion at peak times.

6.71     The study illustrates that the provision of the Southern Link Road (SLR) would help reduce traffic flows on routes within Newark that are currently congested, including London Road, Beacon Hill Road and Farndon Road. This would benefit the town as a whole, including the Strategic Site at Land East of Newark. The Strategic Sites at Land South of Newark and Land around Fernwood are situated immediately adjacent to the line of the SLR and will therefore benefit from its provision, either by gaining direct site access from it, or by providing an alternative route for east-west traffic movements that would otherwise travel though the centre of Newark.

6.72     The first phase of the SLR, connecting Staple Lane to the south with the newly realigned Bowbridge Lane to the north, is now open to vehicles. The rest of the SLR will need to be constructed at an early stage of the development of the 3 Strategic Sites., the timing of which will be dependent on the detailed Transport Assessments of each of the sites and the improvements developers are required to make to minimise congestion.

6.73     Due to the importance of the SLR to the delivery of the Core Strategy it is considered appropriate to promote its provision and prevent development that would hinder its implementation. Such an approach is consistent with guidance in the NPPF PPG13 which states that local authorities should protect sites and routes which could be critical in developing infrastructure to widen transport choices for both passenger and freight movements.

6.74     The SLR and other highway improvements at key roundabouts and junctions are included within the Council’s Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) along with a programme for their implementation. A detailed funding strategy is required, however, it is proposed that the SLR will be funded direct by the developer or by contributions through the CIL, Growth Point capital and other public sector funding as set out in Spatial Policy 6. Developers are responsible for the construction of the SLR, and the Local Enterprise Partnership, national government and the District Council are contributing funding.


Newark Southern Link Road

The District Council will require the provision of the Newark Southern Link Road linking the A46 at Farndon to the A1 at Balderton as identified indicatively on the Proposals Policies Map and on Figure 5. Planning permission will not be granted for any development which would inhibit the implementation of this scheme.