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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Brackenhurst Campus - Nottingham Trent University

6.78     Just to the south of Southwell lies the Brackenhurst Campus of Nottingham Trent University (NTU) which houses the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences. Brackenhurst has been a centre of Education and Training for more than 605 years, merging with Nottingham Trent University in April 1999. Since that time there has been significant investment in new teaching and accommodation buildings, and a new animal unit and veterinary nursing centre has occurred have opened. The School is a very important research centre and contributor to the local economy. There is potential to use this research excellence as a catalyst for local economic growth.

6.79     A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been drawn up between NTU and the District Council. This establishes a partnership intended to support and direct the continued improvement and sustainable development of the Brackenhurst Campus and its environs. Through design, technology and by meeting the day-to-day needs of students, the campus can become more energy efficient and reduce the need to travel. The MoU recognises that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between the success of the University and the success of the local economy. It identifies opportunities for enhancement and growth that will maintain Brackenhurst’s position as a world leader in rural sciences, entrepreneurship and food production.

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Brackenhurst Campus - Nottingham Trent University

The District Council will work with Nottingham Trent University and other partners to:

  • Support the development of new educational and research facilities at the Brackenhurst Campus.
  • Encourage the development of businesses and companies locally which harness the education and research potential of the Campus.
  • Ensure that new development does not detrimentally affect the setting of the Campus or the town of Southwell.