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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Sherwood Area

6.82     The Sherwood Area, as identified in the Core Strategy, is characterised by a wide and diverse range of landscapes including the heartland of the historic Sherwood Forest and the extensive parklands and large estates of the Dukeries. The area, rich with historical, ecological and landscape features, is intrinsically linked to a number of historic themes including the internationally renowned Robin Hood legend. It also has a role to play in offering a variety of leisure and tourism activities within a natural setting.

6.83     One of the key environmental assets in the area is the internationally designated Birklands and Bilhaugh Special Area of Conservation (SAC). This supports the largest a large remnant of ancient wood pasture and is central to the conservation and regeneration of wildlife throughout the area. Due to its location, it is subject to recreation pressure, which can damage the fragile habitat. Air pollution is a problem and has already caused a decrease in lichen diversity. In addition, the area also supports nationally important designations including the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and the regionally important Sherwood Forest Country Park, part of the wider the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve.

6.84     Tourism in this area is also well established with many of the local businesses and villages using the association with the legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest to their advantage, in addition to the Center Parcs complex which has been operating since 1987.

6.85     A key role of the Core Strategy is to protect and enhance the areas green infrastructure whilst balancing this against the promotion of tourism and recreation in the area.