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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Land at Thoresby Colliery

6.99     The development of the former Thoresby Colliery site will be on land at the former pit head and the fields between it and Ollerton Road with a mixed use scheme for housing, employment and leisure uses along with the necessary infrastructure, both on and off site to support the sustainable development of the site. As currently conceived the scheme will contain:

  • 800 dwellings
  • 10 hectares of employment land
  • A redeveloped pit head area which will be the focus of new leisure facilities
  • Provision of a new primary school
  • Public Open Space and Green Infrastructure

Given the location there are numerous considerations in relation to the allocation.

6.100   Firstly the nature conservation aspects must be address. The site lies close by the Birklands and Bilhaugh Special Area of Conservation and the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve alongside the Cockglode Wood Local Nature Reserve and other local nature conservation assets. The developer promoting the scheme is engaged in significant restoration of the area to the north of the pithead, which will see the 140 hectares of reclaimed spoil heaps returned to heathland and other natural habitats.

6.101   Developments within this area should not put additional strain on the Special Area of Conservation (SAC)/National Nature Reserve (NNR). The Council’s Developer Contributions & Planning Obligation SPD states that in the context of the Birklands and Bilhaugh SAC the terms SANGS refers to:

  • Sites that are freely accessible to people living within 5km of the SAC that provide an alternative to the SAC for regular (i.e. more than once a week) walking and dog walking;
  • Sites that provide natural space (using the definition above);
  • Sites should include some provision for car parking but also be accessible on foot.
  • Sites provide the opportunity for multi-functional sites that also enhance biodiversity  Wherever possible emphasis will be placed on the provision of such open space    within the development site.

6.102   Therefore the provision of Sustainable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANGS) will be required alongside and in addition to the restored heathland to provide a network of green infrastructure which exists to serve day to day recreation needs e.g. dog walking.

6.103   The area suitable for redevelopment is restricted by the already agreed restoration plan of the spoil heaps. New built development will be restricted to the core area around the pit head and the fields to the south.

6.104   The restoration of the spoil heaps to a range of natural habitats including heathland means that ground nesting birds will be attracted to the area. Therefore measures will need to be included within the proposals to manage pet predation. Consideration will have to be given to impact on the SAC and other nature conservation assets of any potential air pollution from the new development, in particular Nitrogen Oxide. This may well require on going monitoring of the impacts of the development. The proposed Air Quality SPD proposed in Core Policy 12 will assist in addressing this particular issue. The proposal along with all other elements of the plan has been subject a Habitat Regulation’s Assessment screening process. As part of any application an assessment of the impact on the SAC and other nature conservation assets will be required.