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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Employment & Community Centre

6.116   The site will contain two distinct elements of employment use:

  • 10 hectares of commercial development at the south east corner of the site via the secondary access onto Ollerton Road; and
  • a mixed use ‘heart of the community’ or ‘community centre’ which will be the principal focus for community facilities and leisure provision within the new development around the former pit area.

6.117   In retail terms the ‘community centre’ should not compete in function and scale with the nearby district centres of Edwinstowe and Ollerton and should be restricted to that which is necessary to meet the day-to-day needs of the development.

6.118   The 10 hectares of commercial development is anticipated to be within the B use class of development, other uses will be permitted within this area however leisure uses should normally be located in the ‘community centre.’ The District Council is keen to see the commercial development progressed alongside the residential development and will seek to secure this through appropriate methods.

6.119   Redeveloping the Colliery site will bring much needed jobs and housing; however careful consideration of the impact on Edwinstowe and the wider Sherwood Area will be required. Significant nature conservation and infrastructure requirements will need to be addressed as part of any planning application and taking all these considerations into account the following policy approach is taken: