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Newark & Sherwood Plan Review - Publication Amended Core Strategy

Mansfield Fringe Area

6.120   The settlements in the Mansfield Fringe Area are all closely related to Mansfield Sub-Regional Centre, in terms of jobs, public transport and other facilities. Various parts of the utilities infrastructure are also connected to systems in Mansfield. In economic terms the Mansfield Fringe Area has some of the highest unemployment levels in the District (Clipstone) and relatively high levels of long term unemployment (NOMIS 2011) (Rainworth, Blidworth). Rainworth and Clipstone are 2 of 5 wards within the District with the lowest level of businesses per 1000 population (NSDC - State of the District Report 2009).

6.121   Of the three former mines in the area, only the Blidworth Colliery site is being redeveloped, as an industrial estate. An element of the site remains allocated due to part completion and part that has planning permission. Rufford Colliery in Rainworth is subject to a current application to build an ‘energy from waste’ plant on the site, and the owners have ambitions to build a business park on the rest of the site. The redevelopment of the Rufford Colliery, Rainworth site could well be impacted upon by the prospective Special Protection Area which could emerge in the area. The District Council, the site owners of the Clipstone Colliery site and other interested groups are also investigating involved in detailed discussion regarding the development of a mixed use scheme in the centre of Clipstone. are involved in detailed discussion relating to the redevelopment of the site.


Mansfield Fringe Area

The Core Strategy seeks to promote the Service Centres of Rainworth and Clipstone and the Principal Village of Blidworth as sustainable settlements for their residents, promoting new housing and employment opportunities and the provision of new community infrastructure appropriate to their size. Improved public transport links into Mansfield, to access the facilities of the Sub-Regional Centre will also be sought.

The District Council will seek the redevelopment of key regeneration sites in the Mansfield Fringe Area to aid the development of the area.

The District Council will work in partnership with Mansfield District Council and relevant infrastructure providers to ensure the timely delivery of new infrastructure in the Fringe area.