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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Preferred Approach Town Centre and Retail Questionnaire


List of answers to the specified question

Ref: 15/3/1

We agree that Scenario 3 should exclude the proposed retail floorspace allocation at the NSK site as there is no planning permission in place for this site and it should not be considered as a commitment. However, we are unclear as to the reasons for adopting sales density/productivity growth rates that are higher than those published by the UK's leading forecaster (i.e. Experian), particularly given that much of the District's existing retail floorspace is contained in older properties that have less potential for achieving above average productivity growth. In these circumstances, we consider that Scenario 1 provides the most appropriate basis on which to plan for future comparison retail needs.

25 Jul 2017 16:38

Ref: 8/3/1

We agree with the overall comparison retail needs assumptions over the plan period and refer back to our previous submissions with regard to Question 18 of the Issues Paper consultation.

It is accepted that the timescales for the delivery of site NUA/MU/3 are subject to the successful relocation of the NSK operations to a new site within Newark, which remain the subject of ongoing investigation and business management. While the re-establishment of the NSK operations on an alternative site, with the consequent release of the Northern Road site, to meet the full commitment of the allocation, within the plan period, remains a firm and entirely deliverable prospect, it is recignised that the operational needs of the business, and consequent timescales for relocation, are subject to external non-planning influences i.e. global economic changes and the wider requirements of this multinational business. It will be appreciated that for a business with significant involvement in automotive industries, Brexit looms large on the horizon as an external uncertainty, that does not change local intentions for the site, but makes specific prediction of timescales very difficult.

12 May 2017 10:03

Outwith Historic England remit


18 Apr 2017 09:54

No comment


18 Apr 2017 09:45

No comment.

24 Feb 2017 20:34

Ref: 4/3/1

No - Paragraph 1.2 recommends the use of higher growth rate in floor space because retailers are facing pressures on turnover and profitability. This is surely a scenario that requires a reduction or hesitation in growth of floorspace so that profitability (which is more important than turnover) can be returned to more acceptable levels.

24 Feb 2017 09:05

Ref: 10/3/1

Future provision has to be based on available information and Scenario 3 appears to be an appropriate basis on which to plan that future provision.

17 Feb 2017 20:38

Ref: 2/3/1


Ollerton & Boughton have lost retail space (closure of Market Hall and outline approval to convert the area to flats; proposed replacement of former Superdrug site with a food take-away). Any residual space from OB/RE/1 (see Q2 above) will not replace it. OB/RE/2 only produced one additional retail outlet suggesting that there will be zero growth at best.

16 Feb 2017 00:04