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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Preferred Approach Town Centre and Retail Questionnaire


List of answers to the specified question

Ref: 15/9/1

We agree with the TC&RS report's recommendations to extend the boundaries of the
primary shopping area to include the Morrisons store within Newark Town Centre (although we note that the plan attached to the Council's document only shows the proposed extension to the south to include the Asda foodstore). However, we also consider that there is scope to amend the overall boundary of Newark Town Centre to incorporate main town centre uses at Northgate that are well related to the town centre and generate significant volumes of linked trips. Land in this location is also capable of accommodating additional development to address the identified needs for main town centre uses within sequentially preferable sites on the edge of the existing town centre.

25 Jul 2017 16:38

Ref: 14/9/1

Support this approach.

25 Jul 2017 16:18

Ref: 13/9/1

The Town Centre boundary extends up to the River Trent and whilst this area is not identified as being part of the Primary Shopping Area the document does state that the Town Centre will be the focus of new and enhanced retail and other main Town Centre uses.

The Trust would therefore wish to ensure that any proposals for retail development or other main Town Centre uses with a frontage to, or in close proximity to the River, are appropriate and fully assess their impact on its existing character and function.

It is felt that reference should be made within the policy or supporting text to ensure that any future developments are aware of the need to respect the physical and natural environment of the river corridor.

It is noted that the Town Centre boundary also appears to include a small section of land that is within the ownership of the Trust and any development or change of use proposed should not impact on access to land within our ownership or affect Trust operations.

25 Jul 2017 15:36

Ref: 12/9/1

The Town Centre Plan does not appear to include Morrisons within the Primary Shopping Area despite the suggestion of the text. We question whether Asda should be included within the Primary Shopping Area given its physical separation. Is there any evidence to support its inclusion? Currently it appears to function as an edge of centre site.

*Additional information provided in the supporting information attached to these comments.

25 Jul 2017 15:08

Ref: 9/9/1

Historic England agrees with the approach to the historic environment in the information for Newark Town Centre and will provide comment on NAP1 in the Sites and Settlements reponse


18 Apr 2017 09:54

No comment


18 Apr 2017 09:45

Ref: 4/9/1


24 Feb 2017 09:05

Ref: 10/9/1


17 Feb 2017 20:38

Ref: 2/9/1


16 Feb 2017 00:04

Ref: 1/9/1

The Trust supports the Preferred Approach to the Amendment of the Main Town Centre and Retail Elements of NAP1 Newark Urban Area. We recommend the following addition to further promote culture and vitality in the centre:

The temporary and meanwhile use of vacant buildings and sites by creative, cultural and community organisations will also be supported, particularly where they help activate and revitalise town centre locations and the public realm. 

07 Feb 2017 15:04