Preferred Approach to Amending NUA/MU/3 'Newark Urban Area - Mixed Use Site 3'


Policy NUA/MU/3 - Newark Urban Area Mixed Use Site 3

Land at the current NSK factory on Northern Road has been allocated on the Policies Map for mixed use development. The site will accommodate at least 150 dwellings, employment provision and comparison retail provision of around 4,000 square metres (net).

In addition to the general policy requirements in the Core Strategy and the Development Management Policies in Chapter 7, with particular reference to Policy DM2 Allocated Sites, and Policy DM3 Developer Contributions & Planning Obligations and Policy DM11 Retail and Main Town Centre Uses, development on this site will be subject to the following:

  • The preparation of a Master Plan setting out the broad location of new development on the site, an assessment of the impact of new development on the Newark Town Centre and the wider network of centres, phasing of new development within the site and associated transfer of existing NSK engineering plant to a new location in the Newark Urban Area. In preparing such phasing retail development will come forward in the latter part of the Plan Period (post -2019 2031). Earlier delivery of retail will only be supported where it has been the need for such retail has been adequately demonstrated  that in terms of  the impact on the viability and vitality of the Newark Town Centre and the wider network of Centres is acceptable;
  • In preparing any Master Plan particular care should be taken in determining the location of residential development, in particular consideration should be given as to whether additional land outside the allocation could be incorporated to better realise such proposals;
  • Investigation and recording of the sites industrial heritage by the applicant as part of the development of a scheme with a view to incorporating, where practicable, any important features;
  • The amount and type of employment provision will be determined as part of any Master Plan preparation ensuring that a flexible approach to such provision can be achieved in line with the site characteristics and wider regeneration aims.



Do you agree with the preferred approach to the amendment of NUA/MU/3? If you consider an alternative approach to be more appropriate then please set this out.

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