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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Establishing Retail and Main Town Centre Use Needs

1.4 The TC&RS has defined a 'study area' within which the assessment was undertaken, principally covering Newark & Sherwood District but also including areas within adjoining Authorities where there are clear linkages and relationships between the areas (e.g. parts of the west of the District with Mansfield). This wider study area was then subdivided into eleven study zones which broadly reflect the local catchments of the District's main centres. The study area and zones provided the framework for a new telephone interview survey of 1,100 households. Along with the in centre surveys this provides the most up-to-date and robust evidence on shopping patterns, leisure preferences and expenditure flow within the Study Area. The outcomes have also influenced the health checks undertaken of the District's centre's, as well as the quantitative and qualitative need assessments for new retail floorspace and other main Town Centre uses.

1.5 The reference to the 'need' for new retail and other main Town Centre uses is taken to mean the capacity to support additional development. Capacity is derived from the forecast growth in population and expenditure after having made an allowance for commitments, and the increased productivity (or 'efficiency') of all existing and new floorspace. In some circumstances capacity can also occur where there is a clearly identified 'imbalance' (or 'over trading') between the turnover of existing facilities at the base year (2016 in this case), and the total available expenditure in the study/catchment area. The TC&RS concludes that no such 'imbalance' exists.