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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Preferred Approach to Meeting Convenience Retail Need

1.13 Within the Newark Urban Area the need for 180 sqm floorspace by 2026 could be met either through the small extension of an existing foodstore or a new convenience format store. Accordingly, given the small scale need forecast within the first 10 years of the plan period, it is not considered necessary to identify a site through the Development Plan process to meet this need. It is only over the long-term towards the end of the plan period, that the capacity increases.

1.14 Given the lack of available sites within Newark Town Centre and that capacity is forecast to be driven by population growth, additional convenience retail provision as part of one of the Strategic Urban Extensions would represent the most sustainable solution. However Land South of Newark already carries outline consent for two local centres (circa 2700 sqm net A1 floorspace) and so has been discounted as a potential location. This leaves the Land East of Newark and Land around Fernwood sites as possible options. Of the two Land around Fernwood represents by far the larger of the two sites, facilitating in the region of 3,200 dwellings. Accordingly provision at Land around Fernwood represents the most sustainable option, and forms the preferred approach to meeting convenience retail needs over the long-term.

1.15 It will however be necessary for provision to be limited to a scale appropriate to serve the needs of the new population in a sustainable manner. Ensuring that shoppers and trade will not be drawn from a wider catchment area, and so avoiding the potential for significant adverse impact on existing stores and shops in Newark Town Centre and other District and Local Centres. Given that the capacity required to support additional convenience retail provision of a significant scale is forecast to only be present towards the end of the plan period, and the limitations to forecasting over this length of time any proposal exceeding the floorspace thresholds, set out in the amended Core Policy 8, will be required to be accompanied by a Retail Impact Assessment.

1.16 Beyond the Newark Urban Area minor growth in capacity is forecast, which could be absorbed through delivery of allocations (OB/RE/2, Bi/MU/1, Cl/MU/1 and the redevelopment of the former Thoresby Colliery (see the Preferred Approach - Settlements & Sites consultation document for further details), the change of use of existing vacant buildings, incremental infill development and the extension of existing stores.



Do you consider that the preferred convenience retail forecast represents an appropriate basis on which to plan future provision to meet needs over the plan period?

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Do you agree with the preferred approach to meeting convenience retail needs over the plan period? If you consider an alternative approach to be more appropriate please set this out.

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