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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Preferred Approach to Meeting Comparison Retail Need

1.22 With respect to establishing comparison retail needs over the plan period, Scenario 3 forms the preferred approach. The advice the Authority has received indicates that a 2.5% productivity growth rate represents the most realistic forecast, for the reasons outlined above. Whilst in terms of the NSK site (NUA/MU/3) the preferred approach is to retain the allocation, subject to the caveats set out below. The retention of a significant local employer and supporting its move to modern facilities, allowing the business to continue to thrive, would contribute towards realising the economic growth objectives of the Area. However it is crucial that the anticipated timescale for delivery is realistic, and Scenario 4 (which includes the NSK allocation) is predicated on the site generating turnover from 2021 onwards. This is now considered ambitious given the various complexities involved in bringing the site forward. The use of Scenario 3 therefore allows the Authority to make a considered judgement over where to place the assumed delivery of the site, if required.

1.23 The preferred approach to meeting the requirements of Scenario 3 is focussed around a 'Town Centre first' strategy covering the first ten years of the plan period. This will consist of working with stakeholders to undertake the investigation, planning and delivery of development opportunities within Newark Town Centre, where these prove to be appropriate and viable. These opportunities include: the Buttermarket, Corn Exchange, the Carter Gate and Appleton Gate areas. These opportunities may be able to contribute towards meeting the comparison retail needs forecast for later in the plan period. However should they either yield no net gains in comparison retail floorspace, or leave a 'balance' to be found, then the NSK mixed-use allocation is the preferred approach to doing so.

1.24 Whilst the NSK site retains its allocated status, its anticipated delivery will be amended to post-2031, which reflects a more realistic timescale for delivery. Given that the capacity required to support additional comparison retail provision of significant scale is forecast to be present towards the end of the plan period, and the limitations to forecasting over this length of time, any retail proposal for the site, which exceeds the floorspace thresholds set out in the amended Core Policy 8, will also be required to be accompanied by a Retail Impact Assessment.

1.25 Beyond the Newark Urban Area minor growth in capacity is forecast, which could be absorbed through the delivery of allocations (OB/RE/2, Bi/MU/1 and Cl/MU/1), the change of use of existing vacant buildings, incremental infill development and the extension of existing stores.



Do you consider that Scenario 3 represents an appropriate basis on which to plan future provision to meet comparison retail needs over the plan period?

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Do you agree with the preferred approach to meeting comparison retail needs over the plan period? If you consider an alternative approach to be more appropriate please set this out.

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