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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Preferred Approach to Amendment of Core Policy 8


Core Policy 8 - Retail & Town Centres


The District Council will seek to maintain and enhance the vitality and viability of centres by working with partners and applicant's to:

    • Support a network of healthy, vibrant and resilient centres, composed of a balanced range of retail and other main Town Centre uses;
    • Ensure that the needs for retail and other main Town Centre use development are met in full. Ensuring that, taking account of commitments as at 1st April 2016, sufficient provision has been made to meet forecast convenience and comparison retail capacity within the District up to 2033;
    • Focus future retail and main Town Centre use development and investment using the hierarchy of centres set out below, ensuring that proposals for new development are consistent in terms of scale and function with the size and role of centre in question. The extents of centre boundaries have been defined on the Policies Map;

Hierarchy of Centres

Designation Role Location
Sub-Regional Centre/ Town Centre Principal focus of new and enhanced retail and other main Town Centre uses (as defined in the National Planning Policy Framework) in Newark & Sherwood
  • Newark Town Centre
 District Centres Primarily used for convenience shopping, with some comparison shopping. They also provide a range of other services for the settlement and surrounding communities
  • Edwinstowe
  • Ollerton
  • Rainworth
  • Southwell
 Local Centres Principally concerned with the sale of food and other convenience goods, and the provision of services to the local community in which they are located.
  • Balderton (north & south)
  • Bilsthorpe
  • Blidworth
  • Boughton
  • Clipstone
  • Collingham
  • Farnsfield
  • Fernwood Village Centre
  • Land around Fernwood (NAP2C)
  • Land East of Newark
  • Land South of Newark
  • Lowdham
  • Rainworth
  • Sutton on Trent
  • Follow a sequential approach to the location of new main Town Centre uses and retail development. In line with national policy, and following the approach set out in Policy DM11 ‘Retail and Town Centre Uses’, this will require proposals to be firstly located within a centre, then edge-of-centre and only if no suitable sites are available will consideration be given to out-of-centre locations;
  • Ensure that the impacts from proposed retail development located outside of a defined centre, with a floorspace of 350 sqm (gross) or greater, are robustly assessed through the undertaking of an impact assessment proportionate to the scale and type of retail floorspace proposed. This assessment should satisfactorily address the requirements detailed within national policy and those identified in Policy DM11 ‘Retail and Town Centre Uses’;

    The scope of an impact assessment should be discussed and agreed between the District Council and applicants at an early stage in the pre-application/application process, and will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

    Policy DM11 ‘Retail and Town Centre Uses’ defines the locations and circumstances where some small-scale retail and rural forms of development will be exempt from application of the sequential and impact tests;
  • Appropriately manage Primary and Secondary Shopping Frontages, safeguarding the retail function and character of the centre, in line with the approach set out in Policy DM11 ‘Retail and Town Centre Uses’. The extents of Primary and Secondary Shopping Frontages have been defined on the Policies Map;
  • Provide new retail development and other main Town Centre uses of an appropriate scale to meet local need in the 3 strategic sites at following locations:
    • Land South of Newark (NAP 2A);
    • Land East of Newark (NAP 2B);
    • Land around Fernwood (NAP 2C); and
    • Sutton-on-Trent (ST/MU/1)
  • Ensure that the development of new centres consolidates and enhances the hierarchy of centres and does not harm the vitality and viability of existing centres; and
  • Deliver the centre specific actions detailed in NAP1 ‘Newark Urban Area, SoAP1 ‘Role and Setting of Southwell’, ShAP2 ‘Role of Ollerton & Boughton’ and ShAP3 ‘Role of Edwinstowe’.




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