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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Policy DM11 'Retail and Town Centre Uses'

2.8 Policy DM11 'Retail and Town Centre Uses' builds on the strategic approach defined by Core Policy 8, and sets out those detailed matters which retail and Town Centre proposals may need to address. Again a range of amendments (show in underlined text) to the policy are proposed in order to boost conformity with national policy and guidance, and to introduce the recommendations of the TC&RS.

2.9 The policy has been broadened to address non-retail main Town Centre uses in a more comprehensive way than the existing policy, bringing the approach into line with national Town Centre policy. In addition the policy has been amended clarifying that section 4 applies to both edge-of-centre and out-of-centre locations. With this section also being the main focus of the new content relating to non-retail uses. Section 5 of the existing policy has been expanded to make clear the circumstances where retail development in rural locations will be supported, and to include clear guidance on rural diversification schemes incorporating retail and other main Town Centre uses - in line with national policy.

2.10 Complementing Core Policy 8, and reflecting the recommendations of the TC&RS, a floorspace threshold exempting local needs retailing is proposed for introduction. Whilst in line with the suggestions from the TC&RS a more permissive approach to A3 uses within Newark Market Place is also proposed. This follows the Study's conclusion that leisure provision within the centre is below average, and that there is potential for the expansion of food and beverage offer. Attracting additional national multiples to the centre to complement local cafes/restaurant operators would appeal to visitors and could reduce leakage of expenditure to competing centres outside of the District. Expanding provision around the Market Place would also provide a unique setting for visitors to enjoy.