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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Preferred Approach to NAP1 Newark Urban Area


NAP1 - Newark Urban Area

D. Newark Town Centre

Promote a competitive and healthy Town Centre which is host to an appropriate composition of main Town Centre uses, proves to be resilient and adaptive to change and is able to thrive and grow over the plan period. This will be achieved through:

  • Managing retail and other main Town Centre use development in line with Core Policy 8, Policy DM11 and NUA/TC/1;
  • Seeking to address the shortage within the Town Centre of larger format units which meet the requirements of modern retail and office uses. Proposals to deliver such units through the amalgamation of existing units, where this requires planning permission, and/or new development will be supported subject to the level of impact on the historic environment;
  • Promoting the re-use of vacant and underused shops and other buildings within the Town Centre, and securing the redevelopment of vacant sites for appropriate main Town Centre uses;
  • Supporting the continuation of a viable Newark market, including by ensuring that where appropriate proposals for new retail development properly assess their impact on the market in line with Policy DM11;
  • Promoting Newark Town Centre as a key tourism and leisure destination. Supporting opportunities to deliver cultural and tourism facilities, particularly those which exploit the Town's unique historic heritage, and to increase leisure and entertainment provision in and around the Town Centre. In particular the following will be supported:
  • An appropriate range of, complementary, uses which contribute towards the evening and night-time economy. This includes the expansion of restaurant and café uses around the Market Place, in line with Policy DM11;
  • Tourist accommodation; and
  • Appropriate new leisure and tourism development which takes advantage of Newark's riverside area.
  • Supporting the delivery of improvement schemes which enhance the quality of the Town Centre's offer and environment. In order to assist the identification, planning and delivery of schemes the production of a Newark Town Centre Strategy will be explored. Priority locations for intervention include:
  • The Buttermarket; and
  • The Carter Gate and Appleton Gate areas.
  • In addition to utilising the Development Management process the District Council will also work proactively to attract and deliver new investment and/or development to realise the above.