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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Preferred Approach to ShAP2 Role of Ollerton & Boughton


ShAP2 - Role of Ollerton & Boughton

<The following text to be inserted after traffic bullet points in ShAP2>

The District Council will work with partners to strengthen the role of Ollerton Town Centre by promote a competitive and healthy Town Centre which is host to an appropriate composition of main Town Centre uses, proves to be resilient and adaptive to change and is able to thrive and grow over the plan period. This will be achieved through:

  • Protecting and enhancing the retail offer of the town by designating a District Centre boundary and primary shopping frontages and encouraging retail and other Town Centre uses within it;
  •  Encouraging the re-use of vacant and underused shops and other buildings and the redevelopment of vacant sites for appropriate Town Centre uses, including community facilities; Encouraging high quality designed new buildings and streetscapes to enhance the Town Centre; and

  • Securing improved public transport linkages between Ollerton Town Centre and the surrounding Sherwood Area.

  • Managing retail and other main Town Centre use development in line with Core Policy 8, Policy DM11 and OB/DC/1;
  • Seeking to improve comparison retail representation within the Town Centre, promoting a healthier balance between convenience and comparison retail uses. Proposals which would contribute towards achieving this balance will therefore be supported;
  • Supporting the creation of improved linkages between the Tesco and Asda sites and the Town Centre. In line with its site allocation policy the Masterplan for OB/Re/1 should consider how the site can contribute towards improved linkages between Tesco / Forest Road and Sherwood Drive / Forest Road. The potential for the allocation to form part of a comprehensive redevelopment of the wider area should be explored, incorporating the underused Forest Centre and other land within the ownership of Ollerton Town Council;
  • Supporting the opportunities to deliver additional leisure uses within the Town Centre, particularly those falling within the A3 'restaurant and café' and A4 'drinking establishments' use classes;
  • Promoting the re-use of vacant and underused shops and other buildings within the Town Centre, and securing the redevelopment of vacant sites for appropriate main Town Centre uses;
  • Supporting the delivery of improvement schemes which enhance the quality of the Town Centre's offer and environment. In order to assist the identification, planning and delivery of schemes the production of an updated Ollerton Town Centre Strategy will be explored; and
  • The District Council using the development management process and working proactively to attract and deliver new investment and/or development to realise the above.