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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Preferred Approach to Amending OB/Re/1 'Ollerton & Boughton - Retail Allocation 1'


Policy OB/Re/1  - Ollerton & Boughton Retail Allocation 1


Land at Rufford Avenue has been allocated on the Policies Map for the development of retail and main Town Centre uses.

Development of this site will be considered against the general policy requirements in the Core Strategy and the Development Management Policies in Chapter 7, with particular reference to Policy DM11 Retail and Main Town Centre Uses, ShAP 2 Role of Ollerton & Boughtonand appropriate contributions to infrastructure provision in the Developer Contributions & Planning Obligations SPD. Development should be of a size scale and format commensurate to the with the centre's retail definition as a District Centre status. In line with ShAP 2 a master planned approach for the site should be taken, considering how improved linkages between Tesco / Forest Road and Sherwood Drive / Forest Road can be contributed towards. The potential for the allocation to form part of a comprehensive redevelopment of the wider area should also be explored, incorporating the underused Forest Centre and other land within the ownership of Ollerton Town Council;




Do you agree with the preferred approach to the amendment of OB/Re/1? If you consider an alternative approach to be more appropriate then please set this out.

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