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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Town Centre & Retail

Town Centre & Retail Context

1.1 The overarching aim of national Town Centre policy is to promote competitive centre environments, manage and support their growth over the plan period and allow for their viability and vitality to be maintained. It is through Core Policy 8 'Retail Hierarchy', NAP1 'Newark Urban Area', SoAP1 'Role and Setting of Southwell', ShAP 2 'Role of Ollerton & Boughton', Policy DM11 'Retail', various site allocations and the designations defined on the Policies Map that the Development Plan currently seeks to achieve this. This policy approach is based on the work carried out as part of the 2010 Retail and Town Centres Study (undertaken by GVA Grimley) and the subsequent advice provided by Alyn Nicholls Associates in 2012.

1.2 In order to help deliver this overarching objective Local Planning Authorities are required to deliver a range of outcomes through the Development Plan Process, with the following being particularly significant:

  • Defining a network and hierarchy of centres which is resilient to anticipated future economic change;
  • Defining the extent of centres and primary shopping areas, based on a clear definition of primary and secondary frontages, and setting policies which make clear which uses will be permitted;
  • Promoting competitive centres which provide customer choice and a diverse retail offer, and that reflect the individuality of centres;
  • Allocating a range of suitable sites to meet the scale and type of retail, leisure, commercial, office, tourism, cultural, community and residential development needed in Town Centres. The importance of needs for retail leisure, office and other main Town Centre uses being met in full is emphasised; and
  • Promoting competitive Town Centres which provide customer choice and a diverse retail offer that reflects the individuality of Town Centres.

1.3 There are clearly potential implications from the new objectively assessed need for housing and employment development, in establishing the level of need for additional retail and other main Town Centre uses over the plan period. Accordingly revisiting the existing and producing new convenience and comparison retail floorspace capacity forecasts has been fundamental to this part of the Plan Review. It was also deemed prudent to review existing planning policy, in order to ensure that it continues to meet the requirements of national policy. To guide this process a new Town Centre & Retail Study (TC&RS) has been commissioned from Carter Jonas. The study has been produced in line with national policy, guidance and best practice standards. The Study can be viewed through the link below.