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Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Strategy July 2016

Newark & Sherwood Local Development Framework Plan Review - Preferred Approach Strategy July 2016

Appendix A -Plan Review Stages



First Stage

·      Review the Policies of the Core Strategy to ensure consistency with the NPPF including housing, employment and retail targets.

·      Commission Evidence Base updates to assist in the review of the Plan.

·       Review the deliverability of the Allocations.

·       Consult on the Issues Paper and IIA Scoping Report


Second Stage

·      Consider results of consultation and the results of evidence base work

·      Prepare amendments to policies

·      Propose deallocations of undeliverable allocations and where necessary propose replacement options for allocations

·      Consult on the Preferred Approach alongside the Integrated Impact Assessment of Options and HRA of Options


The Second Stage has been split between the Strategy and the Settlements & Sites and Town Centre & Retail Reports.

The various elements which make up the Strategy report have been finalised. The Settlements & Sites and Town Centre & Retail Reports and the work related to those will be consulted upon in September and October. 

Third Stage

·      Prepare formal amendments to Policies and Allocations

·      Prepare additional policies and allocations as required.

·      Seek Representations on these and IIA and HRA

Winter 2016/17

Fourth Stage

·      Submit amendments, new policies and allocations to the Planning Inspectorate for formal examination.

·      Inspector examines amendments to the Plan and any additional policies and allocations and prepares a report on the soundness and suitability of them.

Spring 2017

Fifth Stage  

·      Inspector publishes their report the District Council consider its recommendations including any proposed modifications

·      Council Adopts Plan Review proposals and represents all the DPDs in a composite consolidated Newark & Sherwood Local Plan.

May 2017